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Pick up puppy


Pick up puppy

My advice

Puppies are legally allowed to leave their nest at 7 weeks.

I think it's too early and I like 8 weeks.

And preferably only at 9 weeks.

Because I was able to give them the 2nd vaccination.

And leave the 12 weeks of vaccination to the new owner.

This is only possible if the puppy stays here in the Netherlands.

Puppy within the EU.

Puppies go abroad.

European regulations state that the puppy is at least 15 weeks old.

This has to do with the rabies vaccination.

This may only be given from the 12th week. 

And the application period is 21 days.

So 3 weeks.

There is absolutely no discussion about this.

Otherwise I will punish myself.

And that's the last thing I want.

Puppies outside the EU

Puppies outside the European Union can take even longer to leave.

This depends on each country.

Because I don't know it all either, it is important that the buyer tells me what the puppy needs. If he does not meet the healthy requirement because he has informed me incorrectly, the warranty will immediately expire.

The extra costs that arise from this are at all times for his/her account.

The costs for transport are at his/her expense.

He/she must also take care of the transport papers.

This must be in English, German or Dutch.

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